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The Farnham ACO AGM will be held at Frensham CC on Thursday 20th October at 8pm. Anyone is welcome to attend, there is a guest speaker this year - D List Umpire and Surrey ACO Chairman Matt Johnson


The ECB ACO have released guidance for all umpires on how to handle ground, weather and light conditions. Until written into law in 2017, this guidance should be followed in all matches. A presentation given to the Farnham and District ACO can be downloaded HERE


Congratulations to the 10 candidates who successfully completed the ECB ACO Level 1 Umpires course run by the Farnham and District ACO in January/February 2016


Congratulations to Neil Holloway and Rob Woods for successfully completing the ECB ACO Umpires Level 2 course.


Congratulations to Jennifer Bowman who won the David Edwards Award for Officiating at the 2016 Surrey OSCA's. Jennifer passed her ECB ACO Level 1 Award in 2016 and is the only umpire under the age of 18 officiating in Surrey.